Black City Records

Black City Records (BCR) is a Durban based independent recording label focused on delivering world class, thoughtful and meticulously crafted popular music to local and international audiences. The label is named after the famous “Casbah” area of Durban which was a hive of political resistance and musical evolution in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, hence earning the nickname “Black City” by apartheid’s security forces.

In studio as well as at their live performances, BCR operates as a creative collective, drawing on the talent and support of the city’s finest emerging musicians who aspire to produce authentic South African music. We thus provide a well-resourced international music platform for independent local music of carefully selected artists and bands who go beyond the expected norms of cultural and creative expression; resulting in a sonic and visual experience that hopefully heralds the renaissance of socially conscious, intelligent and inspiring South African music.

As such, BCR is proud to have launched “Signs” on the 11 April 2019, the debut single on the label by the phenomenally talented Gloire. “Signs” is a tour de force, showcasing the alluring voice and guitar skills of Gloire and backed by the remarkable production and song writing abilities of the inhouse BCR creative team.